Our Domestic Discipline Lifestyle

The Key is Communication

Domestic Discipline is a chain of command lifestyle. Together we have organized our life to a rhythm or ideal that suits us. This lifestyle suits our needs and packages our lives neatly. Communication and discipline work hand in hand to unify us.


Communication is not my strong suit. I am not a talker. I prefer a white screen or pen and paper to communicate with rather than an interacting human conversation. There is a reason that this form of communication is most comfortable for me. As a child when I opened my mouth and exerted my ideas I was often wrote off as crazy, foolish or being wrong in my ideas because of my youth. Therefore instead of being chastised or criticized for my audible voice I found the secrecy of pen to paper much safer than the ridiculing ears of my elders.


I still find talking to a screen or piece of paper much easier than talking to my mate. I love my head of household. He does not chastise me or criticize my ideas. As a matter of fact he is exactly the opposite of my previous elders. He loves to hear my ideas and my voice, he appreciates my observation and ideas about life, spirituality, politics or folks we meet. Yet I do not find comfort in speaking audibly often.


So how do I communicate with him and how does this lifestyle work if I am not a talker. It did not work for a while. I chose to remain quiet and the feelings began to boil within. I became stuck and although I followed the rules and did as I was told my lack of communication brought out a demon within me.


I had to find my audible words. I had to stop stuttering and rethinking every word and blurt out my feelings and or ideas. I had to trust that I without rereading and editing every syllable of thought was capable of a true conversation. Domestic Discipline helped bring this work to a steady completion. My DH is the Head of Household but my communication with him must be audible it is a rule. I can not write my thoughts and ideas into a blog or a statue on Facebook and expect him to have time to read or wait for him to find my idea. I have to audibly tell him. That is my responsibility in this relationship I must talk.


His head of household position means he must have knowledge of my ideas at all times. Audible conversation is the only way I can timely assert my ideas and let him know my thoughts. We have found a way through Domestic Discipline to make my audible words a key to our marriage and lifestyle.


Comments on: "The Key is Communication" (1)

  1. Anabel, audible communication is such a powerful tool. I think most realtionships would truly be lost without it! Sara

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