Our Domestic Discipline Lifestyle



I received a harsh spanking the other night. I was shocked. I erroneously thought this was foreplay, a warm-up spanking to kinky sex. I was wrong. My assumption was quickly corrected as DH continued to spank me with out the playful banter and rubbing that occurs during a spanking that is meant to stimulate.


I am a pretty good girl, I do not break our simple rules and I stay on the straight and narrow. I have had difficulty communicating and we have been working on that so spanking has been more frequent as of late. Since my non-communication to us so close to a breaking point and bringing about unwanted change in our dynamic.


DH came to a change in his dominance. He let me know how I top from the bottom and it will no longer be allowed. He has taken full charge now. Through my tears and listening to him with full attention on I have become completely aware of the error of my ways. This girl no longer just tolerates when DH touches and exerts his dominance throughout the day. This girl now stops writing or what ever I am doing. I smile and say Thank You making sure he knows I am gracious for the time he takes through out the day to ensure our dynamic and lifestyle. 

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