Our Domestic Discipline Lifestyle

My Girl

“It is time to feed.” I called out to her. She comes to me not questioning. I sit at the foot of our bed. My breasts heavy with anticipation of her mouth, my nipples dance and begin to glisten with desire. I watch her disrobe but I stop her and tell her to leave on her garter, nylons and heels. Her ass looks heavenly framed by the lace and nylons her calves tight in her heels. She is a vision of sex and beauty.


She curls her form beside me, those fabulous long legs resting so gracefully upon the bed she faces me and lays across me. Her hair is long and beautiful. It lays across my knees as her mouth finds one of my nipples. I groan with pleasure as I feel and watch my magnificent creature feed at my breast. She closes her eyes and takes in all that is me, the warm flowing milk filling her. Her teeth bite and knead me softly as an orgasm builds within me. I stroke her long beautiful hair.


She opens her eyes to my gaze and I nod my approval to feed at the other breast that is waiting her warm mouth. She again repeats her actions and teases me with those glorious teeth. I admire the lipstick rings and teeth marks on my freshly drained breast. She knows her place and how to please me.


She looks once again into my eyes and I nod my approval for her to finish. My breasts now drained of the fluid that presses within them. Two lipstick rings on each with matching teeth marks I am satiated of my need to nurture my pet. She waits patiently standing now those long legs perfectly formed and framed within her stockings.


My hunger now must be taken care of her beautiful tight ass so inviting, so warm. “Turn around” I tell her and I admire the marks of my crop across her buttocks. Should I use the crop again so soon? I let my hand caress the marks and she shivers. “Turn around.’ I say again and she complies facing me.


“Kneel” I command. I lay back and hook my heels to the bed run. Opening my legs wide to my nakedness she knows what I want.


Gently she separates my lips with her fingers. Delicately probing with her fingers my inner self she finds my clit and expertly begins to work it with her tongue. To tease her I yawn loudly as though bored. She reacts by adding a finger to my inner walls and begins to toy with my clit harder and with added energy. Her skill at knowing my needs makes her my perfect pet.


Without cue from me she begins to nibble my clit between her aggressive tongue circling my pure womanhood. I feel her loose herself in her desire. She is now in her lesbian zone drinking our mingling juices, dipping her tongue and mouth to my ass and back to my clit. Running her tongue inside with her fingers, suddenly I explode in a beautiful orgasm. I flood her face and she works to keep up with the flowing glory of my orgasm. Her eyes smile with pleasure at the end of the experience she knows she has done well.


I pull her up to me she lays directly upon me as we kiss. Our bodies together massaging each other as we kiss with a passion of fire, we lay there her on top of me her weight and beauty flirting with giving me yet another orgasm. She takes the initiative now, knowing as my loving pet she is allowed such pleasure. She sits astraddle me. One beautiful legs on either side of my hips, I look up at my beautiful girl, her face still glistening from my wetness. I begin to massage her ass and I feel the welts of the crop. My mark upon her body and her soul, she smiles down at me. She is proud to belong to me and I feel her own wetness against my skin. She resembles a puppy waiting for permission for a special treat.


“Sit upon my face.” I instruct. As she moves her body up mine I stop her wetness over my breasts. I gaze at the shaved slit before dazzling in the wonder of her body. I caress her ass again and run my fingers inside looking up to the pleasure filled face of my girl. I cup my own breast and move a nipple into her folds where my fingers had been the sensation so warm and wet. I feel myself building another orgasm as I cup my other breast and move the nipple inside her. Watching with pride as her ecstasy builds, I let her continue her journey to straddle my face.


My nipples begin to harden as they cool in the air and her juices dry upon them. My fingers begin to pull her apart exposing her to me. I watch her expressions change as she moans with pleasure and with pain as my finger nails dig into her. My girl, my little pain slut digs her finger into and around the bars of our headboard.


She responds with a gentle rocking as my tongue finds her. I circle her ass with my fingers and probe her. She moans in pleasure as my teeth bite into her dainty lips and her rocking movement pulls them taught against my teeth. Increasing her pain sensation, she loves this. Her wetness is flooding my face and I quickly insert my tongue deep within her as she cries out in an earth shattering orgasm.


“Thank you, Mistress” She says softly.


Gently kissing me now cleaning herself from my face.

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