Our Domestic Discipline Lifestyle


First off let me begin by stating I do not love depression or being in physical pain. Yet I punish myself over my failures and let my success go with “well anyone could do that”. How many others do this?

Let’s see I am physically attractive when I choose to be. I love being a woman. I can sew, write, read, clean, have an intelligent conversation. Let me highlight my good qualities today. I am a giver emotionally and physically. I have a conscience. I love my friends and family. I am a good listener and I can identify with you and your trials and celebrations. I love to learn. I love to share and I love to do what is best for my family. I am submissive which goes hand in hand with being a giver. I can work hard and get enjoyment from it. I love to be dog tired from working along side my husband and friends, I love being tired and I feel my greatest joy when I am working with my kids and we have accomplished a project together. I can motivate others if I am passionate about the end result. Oh that reminds me I am passionate.

That is an impressive list. I am proud of those qualities about me. I am going to follow that list with another one my life accomplishments thus far. I have welcomed children and animals into my home and cared for them with love and attention. I have been in love and am in love with a man I respect. I have two great kids and 3 great step-kids and spouses. I am an attentive mother. I have been on my own since I was 16. I have studied and accomplished playing the violin. I started a job as a receptionist/clerk and became the office manager. I have started a business and had it succeed. I have written or am in the process of writing a book that is ¾ of the way complete. I have written several short stories, hundreds of them. The best part of any journey is the beginning. I love to begin. Finishing is good too, but for me beginning is where I shine.

I am looking back at these previous paragraphs and I am not all bad. I have some great stuff going on here. Now with all this great stuff and qualities at 45 what am I to do now?

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